5 Basic Rules about Golf before You Sign Up For a Club

As a beginner, you are allowed to make mistakes, but it’s always advisable to know the basic rules when you are joining a sporting club. Otherwise, you might embarrass yourself and get called a dummy! Well, who wants that? Therefore, if you are planning to join a golf club recently, then this post is for you.

Here you will find basic golf rules that will help you blend in with the game easily.

5 Basic Rules about Golf before You Sign Up For a Club

Clubs in the bag

You should always keep your clubs in the bag, and you are allowed to carry only 14 of them. You can definitely have less than 14, but you should always check your contents before; otherwise, you might incur penalty strokes for each hole played.

Play within the tee confines

You should always try to play within the parameters of the tee. We know that the first shot will always seem a bit intimidating, even for the professionals, but you should focus to tee up among and behind the lead up to the appropriate markers. Generally, the yellow is for men, white is for medal tees, red is for ladies – and inside two club-lengths, that’s the rule.

With the heat of the game on your head, these small parameters often get discarded. However, keep them in mind to have a better experience with the game.

Avoid hitting the wrong ball

Basic Rules about Golf

You should always choose wisely which ball to play. I know it sounds funny and obvious, but if you don’t mark your ball before beginning, there can be consequences. With so many golfers around and without marking, you are bound to lose yours for someone else.

If you play with the wrong ball, then that could cost you to lose the hole in singles will be strokeplay getting a penalty of 2 strokes. So always, remember to mark your balls.

Green rulings

Keep in mind the green rulings. Once you have reached the green, you need to keep in mind a few rules which are considered important. If the ball comes to the surface then you should mark with a disk or coin before lifting so that you can put it back in the exact spot.

Play your ball as it lies

You should always try to play the ball in the way it lies and wherever it is standing still. The only exception should be consulted with the rulebook first. Some of the most common ones are the effect of ‘loose impediments’ where you can remove loose twigs, leaves, litter – or ‘obstructions,’ such as man-made paths, sprinklers, and drainage. You will be given free relief in such a case, and you can drop your ball inside one club-length from the nearest point of relief rather than no nearer the hole.

Therefore, these are five of the most basic rules of playing golf. Before you sign up for a club, keep these in mind and you will get to know the rest along the way. Start playing to explore the beauty of the game.