Golf betting tips for everyone

Golf is a pretty popular sport in America, although not everyone is a fan there is quite a lot of things you should know about the sport. If you are new to golf wagering or wagering in general, then these golf betting tips would be the perfect way to begin learning.

Golf betting tips

Our Golf Betting Tips and Tricks

One of our first golf betting tips for you, if you are a newbie in wagering is to get familiar with the rules of the game. If you don’t know how many holes are in a round of a specific tournament the chances of winning a bet you placed on an “18-hole match-up bets” are slim to none. Then you would simply rely on luck, which doesn’t always work.

Next in our golf betting tips is that you should get to know the players, their past stats for a specific tournament you want to bet on, and their form. Those are very important when betting on any sport and especially on golf.

Besides the rules and the players, you should also familiarize yourself with the available betting markets. Even if you don’t know all the rules, but only scratched the surface, at least you should be aware of what each market you bet on means and what needs to happen for you to win your bet.

One of the more crucial golf betting tips is to know the specifics and rules of the tournament you would like to bet on. For example, different tournaments will be held on different courses, so it’s important to know which player is in good form and which players perform well on the type of course that the tournament will be played on.

Golf Betting Tips: Which Bookmaker to Choose?

Knowing the game and the players is very important, but you should also choose the right bookmaker when placing golf bets. When betting on golf or any other sport, you should find a bookmaker that offers a wide array of betting options, betting features that will help you, like cash out and live streaming, and last but not least – excellent promotions for new and existing customers.

When it comes to choosing the right golf bookie in the USA, you should know that in each state there are different laws regarding online and retail sports betting and some states haven’t even legalized it yet. When betting you should be in a state which has passed sports betting legislation and prove it via your geolocation services or an add-on (if you are playing from a computer).

You should also know that not all bookmakers are available in every state where sports betting is allowed. Check which bookies are available in your state and choose one of them. Here are the best bookmakers in the USA across different states:

  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • BetMGM
  • PointsBet
  • FOX Bet
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • William Hill

Golf Betting Tips: Which Golf Tournaments to Bet on?

We wouldn’t be giving you good golf betting tips if we didn’t mention which golf tournaments you can bet on. The first tournament you should definitely watch out for is the U.S. Masters, which is the longest-running global golf tournament to date. It was founded in 1932 and the last winner was Hideki Matsuyama, who won more than two million in prize funds.

Another high-level tournament is the U.S. Open (like the Tennis event with the same name). It was created in 1985 and the last winner was Bryson DeChambeau in 2020. Other popular events include the British Open, the PGA Tour, PGA Championship, Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup, and U.S. Women’s Open. Check the latest golf schedule to see which tournaments you can bet on.

Golf Betting Tips: Different Types of Wagers in Golf

Outright Winner

Betting on who will win a tournament outright is one of the most popular types of golf bets because it offers great odds, even if you are betting on a favorite, and the earlier you place the wager, the higher the odds will be. You can even pick multiple players to win a tournament in a single ticket if the bookmaker offers this option.

Finishing Position

Betting on a finishing position means that you are betting if the player you selected finishes in the top three, top five, top ten, or top twenty. The odds aren’t as high as outright bets, but you can still get a satisfying reward, but you would need to know the players’ form and histories well to choose winning players here.

Round Leader Wagers

When you are betting on round leaders, you have to think about which player will be in the outright leading position after a certain round of the tournament. You would most likely be betting who will lead after the 18th, 36th, or 54th hole.

Matching Up a Player Against Another Player

Whether it’s for a specific tournament or only one round, some bookmakers offer the chance to match up certain players against one another. You will have to find the player who will perform better on the course and place him against someone who you believe won’t perform, as well.

The odds on these markets are usually not that good as outright bets, but you can still benefit from them. Some bookmakers might even offer handicaps for certain players in this category if the handicap betting market is available.

Golf Proposition Bets

Like other sports, there are golf props you can choose from, but not all bookmakers offer many of them. Usually, if a bookmaker groups the players of a tournament in a certain way it would be by country of origin, so you will have to bet on if an American or Englishman, for instance, will finish in the top five, or if you are aiming for the better price, will win the tournament.

Again, the type of the course and other specifics of the tournament should help you determine which player to bet on.

Golf Betting Tips: Our Final Conclusion

There are a lot of tournaments you can bet on and if you know the game and the rules, you can successfully bet on them and with enough luck even win some bets. It’s hard to bet on markets, like an outright winner or round leaders because like in other sports, golf is uncertain.