Top 5 Golfers To Follow On Instagram

For golf enthusiasts or amateur players, famous golfers around the globe are nothing less than celebrities. This is the same for more or less all sports. With the advent of social media, following your favourite golfers and other sports personalities are now easier than ever. Therefore, if you are a golf fanatic and want to follow some of the most famous outstanding players, this post is for you.

This post features five Instagram accounts of famous golf players that you can follow. Instagram lets you browse through some awesome pictures of their touring life and even personal life sneak-peaks.

Top 5 Golfers To Follow On Instagram

Rory Mcllroy:

The first on the list is Rory Mcllroy. Now, if you compare his accounts to that of Kim Kardashian, he might fall short by roughly 24 million; still, he has a staggering half a million followers. This is quite impressive as per the Tour Pro Standards. He is a 25-year old Northern Irishman who is always ready to show the places the game takes him. You can see from downtown Belfast to the rooftop in Dubai. You might also get to see other famous personalities with him. From pop stars to former presidents, everybody is on that list.

Paige Spiranac:

Golfers To Follow On Instagram - Paige Spiranac

Frankly speaking, this is one golfer account you need to follow. Honestly, Paige Spiranac is hot enough to be a professional model but what is even more impressive is that this 23-year-old beautiful blonde is a BEAST golfer. This just raises the hotness quotient to another level. If you go through her Instagram account, then you’ll notice she isn’t afraid to show off her good looks. Just type @_Paige.Renee, and become a part of the colossal 900,000 other followers she has on Instagram. From quotes to workouts, you’ll get them all!

Lucy Robson:

Lucy Robson is more than just a pretty face. Back at home, in Florida, she easily dominates the high school golf scene and has already earned accolades like Treasure Coast Player of the Year in 2012 and 2013. After spending two years in South Florida, she is now on the West Coast, where she has continued to play the sport. Her Instagram handle is proof that she has taken up modelling too.

Rickie Fowler:

Honestly, social media handles like Instagram was meant for a star like Rickie Fowler. He is definitely one of the favourite golfers out there and one of the most recognized names in golf. Believe it or not, but with every change of shirt, Puma sales change.

This is a player who has a lot of good humour and self-awareness to boot. The one snap of The Ryder Cup where Fowler is shrugging while he is surrounded by couples kissing is enough to make you a follower.

Justin Rose:

Justin Rose is an Olympic champion and boasts of a bunch of celebrity friends and big sponsors. This allows him to enjoy fishing with Justin Timberlake and tee times with golfing legend Tiger Woods.

This promising Englishman plays on both the PGA Tour and European Tour to provide his followers with a huge insight into his US and European golf life.